Dental Hygienists Association of Alberta (DHAA)

 – Your gateway to professional excellence and growth in the field of dental hygiene!

As a member of the DHAA, you gain access to an array of exclusive benefits and resources tailored to support your career aspirations and professional development:

Access best-in-class  professional liability coverage.

Access discounted courses and stay updated  on dental advancements.

Support improved regulations and  recognition for dental hygienists.

Benefit from mentorship, job  postings, and career resources.

Enjoy discounts on professional resources  and services.

Gain access to an employment lawyer for professional guidance.

Connect with dental hygienists,  educators, and industry leaders.

Exclusive newsletters and access  to expert guidance to address all questions and concerns.

Participate in outreach programs  for oral health promotion.

Become a member today for comprehensive career  growth and support in dental hygiene.




Types of Membership:

DHAA offers three types of membership to cater to your unique needs:

  1. Student Membership: Designed for dental hygiene students, this membership provides access to resources, networking opportunities, and support as you embark on your career.
  2. Membership with Professional Liability Insurance: For practicing dental hygienists, this membership includes exclusive benefits along with PLI coverage, ensuring you’re protected in your practice.
  3. Membership without Professional Liability Insurance: Ideal for practicing dental hygienists who already have PLI coverage, this membership still offers valuable resources and benefits to support your professional growth.

Choose the membership that fits your needs and join DHAA today to access a range of benefits and support tailored to your career in dental hygiene.

Membership with Professional Liability Insurance
Membership without Professional Liability Insurance
Student Membership

Exclusive DHAA Perks & Benefits

DHAA is proud to offer members access to a variety of discounted products and services, including uniforms, safety eyewear, loupe shields, employment lawyer consultations, laser surgery, shopping, attractions, automobile sales, and more.

Here are just a few of the companies where you can indulge in fantastic discounts and perks.


Akito One

If you are new to Alberta, contact the DHAA office at We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.