Opportunities to Learn

Expand Expertise: Diverse Learning Opportunities.

Our commitment lies in delivering top-notch educational content, covering a broad spectrum of topics and skills specifically curated from the requests and interests of dental hygienists. Elevate your expertise, expand your knowledge base, and fulfill your CE requirements seamlessly with our enriching webinar series.

Opportunities to Influence

Voice Matters: Championing Hygienists’ Rights.

Join our relentless advocacy for dental hygiene’s progress. We champion legislative initiatives, advocate for hygienists’ rights, and drive better patient care standards. Your involvement shapes a brighter future, creating impactful change in our industry.

Professional Liability Insurance

Peace Assured: Unmatched Protection for Hygienists.

Our comprehensive insurance package is meticulously designed to safeguard dental hygienists, offering unmatched protection and peace of mind. With our PLI, rest assured knowing that you’re covered by a trusted plan tailored specifically for your profession.

Affinity and Discount Programs

Membership really does have its privileges.

Membership perks that save you money! Get discounts on scrubs, gym memberships, home and auto insurance, cell phones, mortgages, hotels, shoes, and a whole lot more. Enjoy exclusive savings designed to elevate both your professional and personal life.

Opportunities to Grow

Career Growth: Tailored Hygiene Openings.

Stay ahead in your career journey by exploring the latest job openings, all in one convenient place. Whether you’re seeking your first job or looking to advance your career, our job board is your gateway to finding the perfect opportunity in the field of dental hygiene.

Professional Support Services

Navigate Your Career Confidently.

Gain direct access to an experienced employment lawyer for legal insights. Additionally, receive expert guidance covering every facet of the dental hygiene profession in Alberta. From career queries to workplace intricacies, our resources ensure you’re well-equipped to navigate your profession seamlessly.