Throat Scope



Intraoral Examination Device

Throat Scope is an all-on-one illuminating tongue depressor and retraction tool providing a clear, accurate view of the throat, teeth, tongue, palate and gums.

The Throat Scope handle attaches to our single-use depressors and illuminates automatically for an accurate, easy intraoral examination.

Batteries are included and provide 20 hours of continuous use.

  • Single-Handed Oral Examination: All-in-one light & depressor frees up an extra hand to position the patient’s head, ease a squirming child, or to take a swab.
  • Accurate, Illuminated Examination: Places the light source inside the mouth for an accurate view of the entire throat & palate
  • Reduces Cross-Contamination: Handle can be wiped entirely clean; Single-use depressors reduce risk of cross-contamination

Product ships with ONE blade.

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