Membership Perks & Discounts

DHAA is proud to offer members access to a variety of discounted products and services, including uniforms, safety eyewear, loupe shields, employment lawyer consultations, laser surgery, shopping, attractions, automobile sales, and more.

DHAA membership is required for Member Benefits, and is activated once fees are paid when you register or renew your membership.

If you are new to Alberta, contact the DHAA office at We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

For details on how to access members-only benefits, please email

RBC Home & Auto Insurance Group Discount

Rogers Mobile Deals

Exclusive Partner Program

DHAA members get a 20% discount.

Commission cashback benefit.

Get 25% off

20% off at Goodlife Fitness

Discounts on throat scopes, single-use depressers, and more!

Get 20% off.

Gold Member Discounts

Get 15% off.

Get 10% discount on pet insurance.


Get your first three months free!

20% off Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Get up to half off on toothe service.