Webinar: Influencing Health with Oral Probiotics with Lorraine Gambacourt, RDH (Part 2)

The supportive role of Oral Probiotics has been researched for more than 30 years. The introduction of oral probiotics in the maintenance phase of therapy can help to positively influence biofilm repopulation and promote oral microbial balance to improve outcomes of periodontal disease, halitosis, caries and more. Could this be the “missing link” to achieving […]

Webinar: Dental Hygiene Practice Owners — Cybersecurity (Part 2)

Come join us for this two-part course with Anne Genge. Anne Genge is a trusted authority for privacy and cybersecurity in the dental industry with over 20 years experience helping dental teams navigate technology, using it to grow their practices while doing so safely.  Anne has mastered teaching complex material in a way that makes […]

Webinar: EFF-UPS Dental Hygienists Make When Using Ultrasonics

In this clinically relevant, one-hour webinar, Dani will provide you with 3 ultrasonic debridement scenarios whereby clinicians commonly make errors that negatively impact the removal of calculus and biofilm and create discomfort for patients.  In addition, Dani will provide the practical solutions which can immediately be implemented into your dental hygiene appointments. Discuss why you […]

Webinar: Parkinson’s — Speech, Swallowing, and Saliva Management

Join Jasmine Cload, a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) who specializes in Parkinson's disease and related neurological movement disorders. Objectives: Attendees will gain an understanding of Parkinson’s Disease from both a clinical and patient perspective. Attendees will learn the latest literature on oral care in Parkinson’s Disease and why it is key to patient outcomes. Attendees will become […]

Webinar: Seizure Education and Response

Deirdre is thrilled to be leading the incredible team and building amazing programs for the BC Epilepsy Society. She has lived with epilepsy since she was a child and is passionate about finding ways to safely live life on her own terms and helping others to do the same. Along with counselling and over 20 […]

Webinar: Social Media & Well-Being

Explore how social media relates to our engagement and mental wellness in the workplace. Our expert speaker will share their insights and strategies for finding balance, setting boundaries, and managing the effects of social media use in the workplace. You will learn about the potential pitfalls of social media use, such as procrastination and disrupted […]

Webinar: Interim Stabilization Therapy

Join Penny, an experienced dental hygienist, for an insightful webinar on Progressive Oral Health Solutions. Throughout her career, Penny has achieved significant milestones, and in this engaging session, you will learn about: History of Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART) Development of Interim Stabilization Therapy (IST) in Ontario Supporting Research Differences Between ART and IST Procedure for […]

Webinar: Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office

Participate in this engaging webinar to learn how to prevent and manage medical emergencies in the dental office. By the end of the session, you be able to: 1. List the items required in the dental emergency kit 2. Understand when and how to use items in the dental emergency kit 3. Prevent medical emergencies […]

Webinar: Nutrition and Oral Health — It’s a Two-Way street

Nutrition and oral health are closely linked. The relationship between oral health and nutrition is bidirectional. While diet and nutrition affect the health of the mouth, poor oral health can also impact dietary intake and nutrients consumed. The overall aim of this webinar is to provide an overview of the impact of diet on oral […]

Webinar: Introduction to Accessibility & Inclusion in the Workplace

This 1.5 hour online workshop has been designed to give participants some background information about accessibility and inclusion. It will also provide strategies, resources, and tips for creating greater accessibility and inclusion in your workplace. Topics will include: • Why accessibility & inclusion matter • Definitions & statistics • Myths about disabilities • Related accessibility […]