DHAA Board Members 2023

  • Brittney Walz (President- LLyodminster)
  • Maureen Graham (Calgary)
  • Christine Ta (Calgary)
  • Amanda Serra (Edmonton)
  • Laura Wright (Edmonton)
  • Kelli-Ann Shaurn (Calgary)
  • Melanie Johnston (Cochrane)
  • Brittany Lalonde (Fort McMurray)
  • Christi Pierson (Coalhurst)

How Members are Appointed

The Dental Hygienists Association of Alberta (DHAA) implemented a rigorous process to appoint board members, aiming to provide representation from every region of Alberta. The appointments were made by the Executive Directors in 2021 and subsequently by the Board of Directors in 2022, with careful consideration given to experience and knowledge within the dental hygiene field.

To ensure comprehensive representation, the DHAA divided Alberta into five zones, as depicted on the provided map. Each zone represents a distinct region within the province. The DHAA recognized the importance of including representatives from each of these zones on the Board of Directors to address the specific needs and concerns of dental hygienists in those areas.

During the appointment process in 2021, the Executive Directors considered the experience and knowledge of potential candidates within the dental hygiene field. They also placed a strong emphasis on selecting individuals who hailed from different zones across Alberta. This approach aimed to ensure that every region had a representative on the Board, ensuring their perspectives and challenges were adequately represented.

Following the initial appointments, the Board members who were already serving in 2021 participated in the subsequent appointment process in 2022 and five more “Members at Large” seats were added to the Board. They collectively reviewed the current composition of the Board, taking into account the representation from each zone. If any imbalances were identified, efforts were made to address them by appointing individuals from underrepresented zones or adjusting the Board’s composition accordingly.

By adhering to this process, the DHAA aimed to ensure that the Board of Directors reflected the diverse regions of Alberta. The inclusion of representatives from each of the five zones ensured that the unique needs, concerns, and perspectives of dental hygienists across the province were considered and represented in the decision-making processes of the association.

In summary, the DHAA appointed Board members based on experience and knowledge within the dental hygiene field, and they were chosen from across Alberta according to the five zones to guarantee representation for every unique region. This approach strengthened the Board’s ability to effectively advocate for dental hygienists throughout the province and address the specific challenges faced by each zone.

Alberta Zone Map