Advocacy & Career

The Dental Hygienists Association of Alberta is dedicated to advocating for the interests and rights of dental hygienists in Alberta.

Through our advocacy efforts, we aim to create positive change and improve the dental hygiene profession. Advocacy is a crucial aspect of our work, as it involves actively promoting and supporting the needs of dental hygienists. By influencing policies, regulations, and decision-making processes, we strive to enhance the profession and address the challenges faced by dental hygienists.

At DHAA, we collaborate with government officials, policymakers, and healthcare organizations to advocate for the interests of dental hygienists. Through engaging in discussions, providing input on policies, and building relationships with key stakeholders, we work towards shaping the future of dental hygiene in Alberta.

Our advocacy efforts focus on various areas, including regulation, scope of practice, education, and access to resources. We aim to enhance professional autonomy, improve patient care, and contribute to the overall oral health of the population. By advocating for changes in regulations, we seek to create a supportive and empowering environment for dental hygienists to practice.

Some of the current advocacy projects underway at the Dental Hygienists Association of Alberta (DHAA):
Dental Hygiene Fee Guide: DHAA is working on the development of a Dental Hygiene Fee Guide. This guide will provide clarity and transparency regarding the fees for various dental hygiene services. The aim is to establish standardized fees to promote fair and consistent pricing across the province.

Practice ID Numbers: DHAA is advocating for the implementation of Practice ID Numbers for dental hygienists. These unique identifiers will help streamline administrative processes and enhance communication between dental hygienists and other healthcare professionals. Practice ID Numbers will contribute to improved patient care and safety.

Scope of Practice Expansion: DHAA is actively advocating for changes to the scope of practice for dental hygienists. By expanding the scope of practice, dental hygienists will be empowered to provide a wider range of services, improving access to oral healthcare for all Albertans and promoting overall oral health.

Education Options: DHAA is dedicated to increasing dental hygiene education options. The association recognizes the importance of continuous learning and professional development for dental hygienists. By advocating for more educational opportunities, DHAA aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of dental hygienists, ultimately improving the quality of care they provide to their clients.

Access to Netcare: DHAA is advocating for dental hygienists to have access to Netcare, a provincial electronic health record system. Access to Netcare will ensure seamless coordination of care and improve patient outcomes by allowing dental hygienists to securely access and share patient information.

These are just a few examples of the current projects underway at DHAA. The association is committed to driving change and advocating for the interests of dental hygienists in Alberta. By actively engaging with stakeholders and working on these projects, DHAA aims to create a positive impact and shape the future of dental hygiene in the province.
We encourage you to get involved in our advocacy initiatives. Your input and engagement are valuable to us. If you have any concerns, recommendations, or ideas for improving the dental hygiene profession in Alberta, we want to hear from you. Together, we can make a difference and shape a brighter future for dental hygienists in our province. Join us in our advocacy efforts and together, let’s drive positive change and advocate for the interests of dental hygienists in Alberta.